Infants (7 months and younger) 1:1 Infant Specialist required
Babies ( 8mths up to 18mths ) 1:1
Toddlers (19mths up to 3yrs ) 1:3
Preschoolers ( 3yrs to 5yrs ) 1:4
School Age ( 6yrs to 12yrs ) 1:7

**Please note** 7 months and younger often require specialists. Merry Pop-In Nannies has addressed this need by training a select few of our nannies to provide highly specialized care. Infants under 7 months are 1:1 at a fee of $25 an hour. Should you desire more information about our service just ask.

  • A $35 registration fee is required
  • 3 hour hotel minimum
  • 4 hour event minimum
  • 50% non-refundable deposit is required to secure your nanny.  The remaining portion is due one week prior to event.
  • Travel time is typically applied.
  • Multiple Event Discounts Given
  • Unexpected Day Of $10/hr for children 1 and older. New bill will be sent following the event and is due upon receipt.
  • Gratuities added for all events requiring 3 or more nannies



Additional Packages

Entertainment Package

-TV/DVD Player
-2 age appropriate movies

Arts & Crafts Package

-2 age specific art projects
-Art Supplies

Scavanger Hunt/Treasure Hunt Package

-Supplies for Hunt
-Prizes/Treasure gifts to take home

Meal Package
( $8 per Child)

-OrganicFruit (apple)
-2 small cookies (or other small treat)
Snacks Provided at every event (Free)
-Gold Fish
-Local Seasonal Fruit
-Organic String Cheese
-Organic Juice/Water